Harvest Ministries

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The Upward Journey

We are called to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.  It is the First Commandment Jesus gave us.


The Inward Journey

We are all encouraged to allow the love of God into all areas of our heart, including wounded places,so that we can minister more effectively the love of God to others.  We believe the work of the Cross is a finished work, but the appropriation of that is sometimes where we fall short; where we don't seem to be living out of the abundance of His truth.


The Outward Journey

We believe that as Christians we should be walking in the power and grace of Jesus, bringing encouragement, healing, deliverance and all of the benefits of God, to the world around us, and to this end, believe in equipping the church to do the Father’s work.




We want to prepare a place where the Holy Spirit is welcome to come; where He is free to move as He wants, where we can enjoy His presence.  It is our heart that the Presence of God is real and tangible and that we are changed into His likeness as we meet with Him.

We want our lives to be founded on the Father's love for us; unconditional love, not born out of performance, but out of position.

We also know that we are not called to Independence, but rather to function as the body of Christ.  We believe in cultivating relationships that are real and honest.

Jesus taught us to pray "Father, let your Kingdom come, here on earth as in Heaven".  We want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and partner with Him to affect the world around us - sharing the Gospel, healing the sick, setting the captives free.