Harvest Ministries

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November 11th - December 2nd

January 6th - January 27th

Nov 23rd - 25th, via Zoom 

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Spiritual Workshop - on Zoom

Wednesday Nights 7:30pm-8:30pm





For those wanting to grow in spiritual understanding, and giftings so they can step into the destiny.


These weekly workshops will include a meal, inspiring testimonials, demonstrations & teaching on popular spiritual topics, such as: Operating in Spiritual Giftings & How to Walk in Peace in any Situation.

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Spirit Cafe - Live on Zoom

2nd & Last Friday of every month 

(and all other Saturday Mornings


                                                            Spiritual Readings

                                                            Peace Treatments

                                                            Dream Interpretations

                                                            Physical Healings

                                                            Spiritual Cleansings

All treatments are first come, first served.


Spirit Cafe Training - Online

January 14-16th, 2021 - Via Zoom





By Popular Demand! Finally a Spirit Cafe

Training on ZOOM! Training is the Thursday

and Friday evening and Saturday.


We are at a unique point in history.  Like never before it's important for the Church to be relevant and available to those who are searching and need the hope, peace and love that only Jesus can bring to their lives.


This Training is for those who are interested in being a part of a Spirit Cafe team, either in your own church or as part of an existing team (like ours). We invite you to come and learn how to impact your community with this innovative Spirit led evangelism model that attracts those who are hungry for spiritual truths. This training will include teaching, activations, testimonies, practicals and group work.  

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Sozo Intensive Mentoring

Single Ticket £29.99

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November 21st , on Zoom - Single Ticket £19.99




If you're wondering if you would benefit; can you identify with any of these?

- I struggle with fear & anxiety

- I have trust issues

- I'm often worried about money

- I get angry easily

- I feel weird sharing my feelings or showing affection

- I carry a lot of guilt and shame

- I struggle to forgive others/myself

- I feel unwanted

The negative experiences, and traumas of life can leave us wounded, afraid, angry, emotionally distant, and even physically ill. They can leave us with toxins in our soul that create negative patterns of behaviour, causing us to believe lies about ourselves, others, and even who God is.

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