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Upcoming Training Dates:


Birmingham 16th & 17th April 9.30am





Christian churches all over the country/world are starting to hear about

the amazing success of Spirit Cafe. It has become necessary for us to

start planning trainings in other areas to increase the number of people

who are able to attend. You are welcome to come to one of the scheduled

trainings, or if you are interested in hosting a training at your church please

get in touch. Our heart is to equip Christian churches everywhere with this

awesome evangelism model.


We invite you to come to this training and hear about what we are doing, receive practical prophetic training, tips & impartation, so that you too can train your own team & launch a Spirit Cafe in your own church.


People are hungry for something real, something more, and they are going to psychics and mediums in droves. The lost are really lost, if we don't reach them there are plenty of psychics who will.

We got tired of seeing psychic advertisements every time we drove down our local streets, so we decided to offer an alternative, to the alternative.


The response has been amazing.  We see 3-12 people invite God into their lives every time. People walk in off the street to receive a 'spiritual reading', and have an encounter with a real, loving God.  One woman walked in a few weeks ago and said, 'We normally go to a psychic on a Friday night, we but saw your sign, so we decided to come here instead.' Come and learn how to impact your community with Spirit led evangelism that brings those who are hungry for spiritual truths right to your door!


Training Includes:

- Prophetic Training & Activation

- Instructions about how to run a Spirit Cafe

- Practicals & Activations

- Testimonies and Q & A

- Impartation


Things we will cover:

Why are we doing this? What's the fruit?

What do you need, to start a Spirit Cafe?

How to train your team - with activation exercises, accountability with leadership

Learning the treatments: (with activation exercises)- Spiritual Reading (Prophetic Words) - Dream Interpretation

- Physical Healing - Spiritual Cleansing (Salvation/Repentance for wrongdoing) - Peace Treatment (Soaking Prayer)


We do all of our treatments free at the Spirit Cafe, and we want to give away all that the Lord has taught us about this to whoever wants to learn.


We will be providing lunch on Thursday & Friday. We will be taking an offering for those who would like to give.

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