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A time of healing and restoration

The negative experiences, and traumas of life can leave us wounded, afraid, angry, emotionally distant, and even physically ill. They can leave us with toxins in our soul that create negative patterns of behaviour, causing us to believe lies about ourselves, others, and even who God really is.  It's important for us to set aside time to embrace healing, and restoration of the soul. This will mean that we must forgive those who have hurt us, and allow God's love to begin to heal these places in our hearts. This restoration process is a journey that we all must walk if we want to become who we are created to be. 

Can you see yourself in any of these statements?

  • I struggle with fear & anxiety

  • I have trust issues

  • I often worry about money

  • I get angry easily

  • I feel weird sharing my feelings or showing affection

  • I carry a lot of guilt and shame

  • I have an addictive personality

  • I find excuses to avoid social situations

  • I find it hard to receive a compliment

  • I have a 'prickly' nature and don't make friends easily

  • I find myself rehearsing bad things that have happened in my life

  • I struggle to forgive others/myself

  • I feel unwanted

  • I struggle with frequent depression

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