If you are in need of some direction, peace, healing, or simply an encounter

with a God that loves you, then come to Spirit Cafe.


No one was ever turned away by Jesus, and we believe that anyone who

wants to come and have a real encounter with Him is welcome.

To make Spirit Cafe accessible to as many people as possible, we have 2 options. 

Spirit Cafe Treatments Include:

*   Spiritual Readings

*   Dream Interpretation

*   Physical Healings

*   Peace Treatments

*   Spiritual Cleansings

What is the Spirit Cafe?

A place of encounter. You will be given a free tea or coffee and a menu. You will be asked to choose a free treatment. All treatments are things that meet the need of the spirit, soul, and body.

Each menu item is a ‘treatment’ and all treatments are free.

The Spirit Cafe is a place people come who are searching for spiritual encounters. The treatment teams have been trained and continue to develop their spiritual giftings. All treatments are done through the Holy Spirit.


In-Person Spirit Cafe

FREE Spirit Cafe Online 

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